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Scoot for fitness

As well as being great for exhilarating dog and mountain sports, the Xplora scooter can also be used for daily fitness.

Fantastic for strengthening and shaping your legs, cross training and low impact workouts.

Scootering works the lower muscles in several ways:

The quadriceps femoris muscles are worked in the supporting leg. The scooting/kicking action of the other leg works the hamstrings, calves, hips and buttocks. Try alternating your kicking leg to build strength in your non-dominant leg.

Switch to using the mountain scooter for your daily commute and you’ll reap the benefits both in fitness and your personal finances! Save on petrol or bus fares and save time spent on gym workouts by making your daily journey into your own tailored workout routine – then you’ll have more time for those exhilarating trail rides on the scooter or maybe a run with your dogs. Vary your route and build in different challenges and gradients along the way.

Measure your speeds and distances by fitting a mileometer to your scooter and time yourself to see your progress.

Eat light before you set off – hot water with lemon, a banana or strawberries will give you a burst of energy. Plan in time to get a healthy breakfast once you get to work.

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