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Measuring Your Dog For A Harness

For an X-Back Harness you will need the Neck Size and Tail Measurement.

For a Skijor/Recreational Harness you only need the neck size.


Neck Size:

Measure from A-B on the diagram, just ahead of the withers at the base of the neck, around one side of the neck to the top of the breastbone (in inches), then double this measurement.

Work the tape under the fur, pull it snug, but not stretched.


Measure the dog, not the fur!  Measure only one side of the dog then double the measurement.

Wrapping the tape measure all the way around the neck may distort the measurement.

This is the most important measurement, as it ensures the harness places the load over the breast bone.


Tail Measurment:

Measure from B-C. Start tape at top of breastbone. Pass between font legs, then up around rib cage to base of tail. Lift tail to feel joint.

This measurement is less critical (+/- 2")


The following standard sizes are available from stock:

(the first number refers to Neck Size, second number refers to Tail Measurement, in inches)

18/26, 19/26, 20/27, 21/27, 22/28, 23/29, 24/29, 26/32, 28/33, 30/34, in Black, Red or Royal Blue

Custom sizes and colors are available, please contact us if required.


To measure for a Skijor/Recreational Harness:

Just use the Neck Measurement A-B (doubled), as above.



To check and confirm the final neck size, a length of ribbon can be tied into a loop of the same size and placed over the dog's head to check the fit. When pulled snuggly to compress the fur, the bottom of the loop should be over the breast bone.


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